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Trading with AlgosOne
Trading with AlgosOne

Discover how AlgosOne executes trades, handles fees and commissions, and offers opportunities for compounding earnings.

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1. How are trades executed with AlgosOne?

AlgosOne executes trades automatically based on its system analyses. Some trades can also be executed with a single click, as users receive notifications when opportunities arise. Additionally, users can execute trades from the trading pool, with the number of available one-click trades and pool trades determined by their account levels.

2. What happens if a trade is unsuccessful?

At higher trading tiers, AlgosOne offers compensation for failed trades from its reserve fund. The compensation amount is a percentage of the sum invested in the trade and is returned to your account balance. The higher your trading tier, the higher the compensation percentage.

3. Are there any transaction fees for using AlgosOne's AI trading system?

AlgosOne does not charge transaction fees. However, there is a commission on profitable trades, up to 25%. The commission percentage is lower at higher trading tiers.

4. How are commissions used by AlgosOne?

50% of the funds earned from commissions are used to run the company, covering expenses like platform operation, risk management, and technological support. The other 50% goes into a reserve fund that provides client account protection, compensation for losing trades, and monthly dividends to AlgosOne shareholders.

5. Can I compound my earnings with AlgosOne?

Yes, AlgosOne offers compounding to all users at every trading tier. You can transfer funds to your trading balance and benefit from the compounding feature to potentially increase your earnings over time.

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